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Underground: 3

2008-06-01 20:07:19 by biofusion

Not that anybody is going to probably read this or even care, but I'm working on a 3rd true installment in my Underground series. The last movie, Underground: Pimped was released several years ago and never finished due to my computer completely crashing on me. Now we fast forward a few years and the 3rd installment will simply be called Underground: Takeover.

The story line is simple yet far more realistic than previous entries of mine. I'm already nearing around 10% completion of the animation. I'm going about everything very precise to make this animation far better than the previous installments. I'm working very hard to make the racing scenes much more intense and action packed than ever before. If you take a look at Underground: Short you can get an idea of how filters might be used to improve upon the racing scenes. I'm also using Adobe After Effects to create some very cool visual effects.

You can expect this movie to be released Fall 2008. I'm hoping it will run around the 5 minute mark. Now, any type of encouragement to continue this would be very appreciated! I have attached a preview image of a scene from the movie. Thanks and I hope you enjoy the final production.

Underground: 3


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2008-06-13 00:29:43

Sounding good mate, I'm gunna chck out some prior installments. :D

biofusion responds:

Thanks, hope you enjoy the new movie when it comes out!